Aquarium Service and Design, Inc.


Another completed reef sump.  75 gallon capacity

Completed bio-filter installed in a cabinet

Reverse osmosis collection and saltwater mixing vessel

Completed filter with bio-chamber for fish only  system

Completed reef sump with prefilter

Custom canopy and light mounts. Wood or acrylic

Custom sumps of any size, shape and configuration

              Aquarium Service and Design, Inc. can fabricate your acrylic filter or sump to suit any space requirement you may have up to 48" x 36" with our in-house acrylic fabrication facility.  We truly do customize each aquarium and this is what sets us apart from other aquarium retailers!  We can build any number of mounts, holders and widgets that your specific design requires.  We also make and install Reverse Osmosis holding tanks and Saltwater mixing reservoirs to accommodate any size aquarium.