Aquarium Service and Design, Inc.


Custom Saltwater Aquariums of all kinds

Large or small, fish only or reef, we can design and install the saltwater aquarium of your dreams.

Free Consultations and Quotes

We will come to you, take measurements of your space, make suggestions and give you a quote for free.

Aquarium Design

We can design a tank to fit any space whether it is built in the wall or a self standing unit.  We will match any wood or stain assuring a perfect flow throughout your room. We also have black acrylic stands and canopies available for a more modern look.

Aquarium Maintenance

We provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance plans designed to meet each client's particular needs. Each visit includes water changes done with purified reverse osmosis water and Tropic Marin Synthetic Sea Salt to ensure optimum water quality.

Aquarium Relocation

If you are planning a move or have a big home improvement project that requires your aquarium to be relocated we provide same day moving services. We can also move your tank across the country if the need arises.

Aquarium Renovation

Are you interested in changing the current appearance of your tank? Do you want a fresh start? We can provide all new equipment from filters,LED lighting, protein skimmers, pumps, and anything else needed to give your tank the boost it needs.

Special Order Livestock

We get fish, corals and invertebrates from around the globe. If there is a special item on your "most wanted" list give us a call and we will special order it for you. We will quarantine it for you at no extra cost.  

Acrylic Fabrication

We have an acrylic fabrication shop in-house to manufacture our own custom wet-dry filters, refugiums, and dedicated reef sumps of virtually any size and shape. We can also make holders, mounts and just about any other widget you may find that you need.