Aquarium Service and Design, Inc.


           Glenn's passion for all things aquatic began at age seven with a 10 gallon freshwater aquarium full of neon tetras and guppys. This passion led to the pursuit of scuba diving and underwater photography. As an avid scuba diver Glenn has a unique perspective on the design of each tank purchased from Aquarium Service and Design, Inc., using each aquarium to simulate one of the many underwater scenes he has witnessed in the wild. He literally imagines himself as a tiny diver swimming in your aquarium as he builds each rock structure, mimicking the actual reef he has pictured in his mind!

          Aquarium Service and Design, Inc. is a full service custom aquarium design, installation and maintenance company founded by Glenn in January of 2004.  With over 17 years of experience in saltwater aquarium design and husbandry we are capable of providing both individuals and businesses the custom aquarium of their dreams.  In-house fabrication of filtration and a vast knowledge of the needs of marine organisms assures you will obtain a sustainable system designed to not only provide a long and healthy life for its inhabitants but one with the "wow" factor each client desires.  We also provide full service maintenance programs and have a wide selection of affordable and healthy, quarantined livestock available for purchase.


Owner Glenn Kant began working in the retail saltwater aquarium business in 1998 and founded Aquarium Service and Design, Inc. in 2004.  He attended Indiana's Carmel High School and Purdue University.

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